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The Founder


 HSPS, LLC was founded with a focus to share our passion by helping others.  The founder Feisal Toor has over 20+ years experience in the health and humans services industry, serving both for profit and non-for-profit organizations.  From small to mid-size not-for-profit and for-profit organizations with annual revenues from $8-12 million to larger provider organizations with $41+ million in annual revenues, Mr. Toor has served in executive positions as Vice President Controller, Vice President of Finance and Chief Financial Officer. 

 His expert knowledge of the DC Medicaid system in the District of Columbia is unsurpassed.  He is also expert in working regional Medicaid developmental disability and behavioral health programs in Maryland and Virginia and has overseen the fiscal administration of Federal and multi-state grant awards for programs such as correctional re-entry, Veteran and family services, serving the homeless populations and getting people out of encampments, into housing and back to work.  He has worked in coordination with the Department of Labor and the Veterans Administration on multiple grant awards in the DC, MD, VA, SC and NC regions.  His knowledge and hard work has enabled organizations to expand by implementing efficiencies and better systems that have accelerated cash flow and stimulated growth.  


During his time with health & human service organizations, Mr. Toor had many successes in resolving procedural and fiscal organizational issues such as collecting millions in aged Medicaid and reimbursement grant receivables by working in coordination with both Government agencies, grantors and the provider.  He successfully brought accounts receivables aging balances down over 50%-80% from 180+ days to less than 30-60 days.  He has also created and implemented significantly improved and more sound systems of authorization tracking and utilization for multiple Medicaid programs increasing the pro-activeness and efficiency of reporting resulting in accelerating cash flow for multiple organizations.   His focus on implementing quality measures and internal controls in all accounting and finance processes has help organizations tremendously.  He has also lead and successfully completed organizational mergers and acquisitions with focus on organizational competence and integration.  He has advocated for Medicaid providers to attain the highest reimbursement rates in multiple programs and has successfully discovered and negotiated additional revenue streams increasing overall organizational revenue resulting in multiple accolades for his successes.  He was the leader in negotiating and the subsequent reopening of the one-to-one funding for Intermediate Care Facilities in the District of Columbia that enabled providers of such services to recover hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Some of Mr. Toor's multiple industry backgrounds include being in the public for-profit sector during the time period where the implementation of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) was paramount for public companies.  Mr. Toor worked with a Fortune-90 public real estate company to gain experience and expertise in the realm of public accounting reporting requirements, with the focus on the implementation of internal controls and the segregation of duties.  He has implemented ERP systems and developed better and elaborate tools of reporting, metrics measurement and tracking that have been commended by multiple organizations.  He has successfully led internal audit teams and had served as the main liaison between external auditors and organizations on Federal and state government audits and is experienced in Uniform Guidance audits. 

Mr. Toor is a graduate from George Mason University in Fairfax, VA receiving his Bachelor's Degree in Accounting and studied under the School of Management achieving the Dean's List for multiple years. 



Mr. Toor serves as the Finance Committee Chair for the DC Coalition of Disability Service Providers.  He is actively involved in rate and policy review with Governmental agencies such as, but not limited to the District of Columbia Department of Health Care Finance, the Department on Disability Services and the Department of Health.  His input and involvement on the sub-committee to develop Medicaid Cost Reports was successfully presented to the provider community.  His strong advocacy during the periods of the Federal Government shutdowns and his diligence on striving for equity has enabled him to become a respected and recognized colleague among his peers.  

He actively participates in fiscal and budgetary performance hearings at DC Council and works with many DC members in various wards, with involvement in the Committee on Health, Committee on Human Services and the Committee on Education.  He recently served on a sub-committee for the development and subsequent introduction of a wage-based labor bill for Direct Support Professionals promoting wage scalability and job training options in coordination with the University of the District of Columbia.

Why Us?


 Why us?  it's simple.  We care about what you need.  

We have the skills and expertise to bring you solutions that help you grow, provide the support you need for growth and success, and  give you solutions that adapt to changes in your organization.  

We have scalable options that can be adopted as your organizational changes occur.

Let us help you go beyond your expectations! 

Customized Services catered to grow and expand your Business

Health & Human Services Provider Consulting - Medicaid Provider Solutions


 Experiencing eligibility issues related to acuity, authorizations or recertifications?  Need assistance with contract renewal or developing checklists?  We specialize in working with human service providers in the District of Columbia who maintain Medicaid contracts for persons with developmental disabilities.  Our direct knowledge and expertise in the fiscal requirements of various DC Medicaid programs has championed organizations financially.  We can create and implement better systems of tracking and utilization.  We have direct contact with various Medicaid agencies and can assist with resolution matters and Cost Reporting.

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Accounting & Financial Support


We can help you determine your Accounting and Financial needs to ensure you have the appropriate systems and supports in place for optimal growth and success.  We can provide everything from ongoing accounting support to developing systems of reporting, financial statement preparation, budgeting and the implementation of metrics to measure company performance.  We can analyze your financial position and advise on areas of opportunity or implementing efficiencies within your organization.

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Full Revenue Cycle Billing for MCO, Group and Independent Practice


Everything from demographic, claim entry, CCI edits, correct-claims processing, ICD-10 and HIPAA compliance to receivables management, patient statements and collection.

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Business Development


We can help you get on the path to exponential growth and success through strategic financial planning and systems development. From small-business to mid-size and large organizations, we can help develop a plan catered to your specific organizational needs and growth pace.

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